Feng Shui Harmony and Balance: Yin or Yang

There are many aspects to creating harmony in Feng Shui. One way is to have the right balance of the Yin and Yang elements.

Yin is feminine, receptive, dark, and still.

Yang is masculine, bright, action, and moving.

1. What type of energy do you desire in your office or living room? Probably more Yang and active...more energized.

  • A more light and spacious atmosphere.

  • TV's and stereos all promote a more active energized space, when in use.

2. What about the bedroom? It should be more quiet and Yin to allow for a good night's sleep.

  • Lighting that makes it dark for improved sleep.

  • Mirrors can energize an area. You may want to cut back or cover those bedroom mirrors to still the chi.

What are some of the causes of stagnant energies?

1. Too much furniture or excess belongings that clutter the flow of air currents.

2. Dark and dreary lighting.

3. An area that is need of a good cleaning.

4. Architectural bottlenecks that make it challenging for chi to flow.

5. Lack of movement as when a place is closed up or a large home with few occupants.

Keep the chi and air currents flowing in a meandering way.

Have a wonderful day!

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Bonnie Z

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