Safer Mask Etiquette

Why wear a mask?

It both helps protect you and those around you from the spread of airborne diseases.

1. Does it need to be above your nose?

Yes it is the best way to use a mask. If the mask is not placed above the nose, then anyone that breathes through the nose has a higher chance of contacting and inhaling airborne disease particles.

2. Have you ever been around anyone who only had their mask over the mouth area....and then they sneezed?

This is my personal experience on this one. A huge force of air was blown my way. Even though I had a mask on, I could feel it. This person was literally blasting me....with germs. The person had a mask on the mouth area, but did not have it covering the nose. She was at least 4 or more feet away from me.

3. Best etiquette for coughing or sneezing when wearing a mask.

Please use the common practice of today, as if you did Not have a mask on.

Turn you head toward your arm/elbow area and cough there or cover your face with your hand.

If you use your hand, then make sure to immediately wash your hands. This is because the outside of the mask may have airborne infectious pathogens on it.

4. Why cough into the elbow area or cover your face?

Covid-19 and certainly other aerosol diseases can travel at least 6 feet. In the case of Covid-19, some studies have found that particles travel 15 feet.... with coughing or sneezing.

Coughing or sneezing into something helps stop the spread of the pathogens through the air by the barrier method.

5. Please remember to clean the cloth masks on a regular basis. Both the outside and the inside can become soiled.

Always consider that the outside of the mask may be contaminated with disease pathogens. Treat it with care. Do not touch your face or mouth after touching or taking off your mask.

Please wash your hands first! At least a good 20 second scrub is recommended. Or use hand sanitizer if hand washing is not available.

This is the healthy way to protect yourself and others.

Stay safe!

Have a joyous day!

Bonnie, RN

copyright 2020, The Harmonic Zone, LLC

Bonnie Z

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